MERCY ROW Clann - Book 2 - Bill Hallman- Inman Park
Harry Hallman

MERCY ROW Clann - Book 2

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A Must Read Series

The Mercy Row series is currently four novels that tell the story of an Irish mob family living in Philadelphia North region. The books are full of action-packed adventures with over 100 years of Philadelphia history as the backdrop. It portrays a close-knit family that meets every danger together. 


The Byrne family fights two wars. One for the freedom of the world and the other for the survival of their family and the K&A Irish Gang. It's 1943 and America and its allies are at war with Germany and Japan. As World War 2 rages, the Byrne family must send their sons to war in Africa, Europe and the Pacific, while they fight a war at home instigated by old enemies, internal greed and new foes.The Byrne children's ability to protect and grow the family, and the North Philadelphia K &A Gang, is tested with violence, sorrow and love.